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Commercial building fire damage

Commercial Insurance Adjuster

Are you dealing with significant property loss or damage to your business and need a commercial claim adjuster?


Assesment of home destroyed by fire

Tired of fighting the insurance company?

We help homeowners negotiate their insurance claims and take away the stress of negotiating.


Insurance negotiation for real estate clients

Consultants, accoun-tants, attorneys, realtors, or brokers:

Do your clients need help recovering from a disaster? Damage?

Our Claim Consultants Work For You

The fire is extinguished. The hurricane is over. The flood waters have receded.

Now what?

Now you need a claims consultant -- a licensed, insured public claims adjuster and expert in property assessment and loss consulting -- to assist you in reaching a resolution with your insurance company.

If you are unsure how to follow the insurance company's rules and procedures, you're having problems with your claim -- even if your claim has been denied -- it's not too late!

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Insurance Adjustment Success Story

Her home was destroyed by the fire

Pete T.

"On Christmas morning, 2014, we lost our family home to a fire. We were grateful no one was injured.  We prayed and agreed we could over come this unimaginable tragedy.  After all, we were insured, and we thought we would be back to normal within a reasonable time.  

Having been self employed for 27 years, I felt I'd have no issues handling our claim on our own.  I was wrong, my business and my family suffered because of it.  After struggling a couple of months, I hired SOUTHERN LOSS CONSULTANTS to file our loss in the language the insurance company uses, and things began to come together.

Ultimately our claim was resolved to our satisfaction.  We whole heartedly recommend SOUTHERN LOSS CONSULTANTS to anyone who has suffered a major loss.  They brought our family peace, comfort and confidence when we needed it most."

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Insurance Claims Testimonials

NICB Reports Slight Uptick in 2015 Water Damage Claims Over Prior Year

In 2015, there were 1,403,054 water damage claims filed—an increase of just one percent over 2014’s total of 1,389,277, according to a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).The most active months for water damage claims were January and February, averaging 158,087 and 157,136 respectively. November and December posted the fewest averaging 86,840 and 97,185 claims respectively.The top five states for water damage claims were: California (327,648), Florida (225,222), Texas (222,972), New York (145,390) and Pennsylvania (143,788). The top five cities were San Antonio (19,344), Chicago (19,230), Houston (18,484), San Diego (17,927) and Miami (15,491).

Claims Journal March 30, 2016