Testimonials From Our Clients

Southern Loss Consultants,
I'm writing to let you know what a godsend you and your associates have been over many months, getting my hurricane claim adequately addressed by my insurer. I very deeply appreciate your efficiency, your expertise, your reliability, and your professionalism. All of that is quite hard to find these days anywhere and I feel quite fortunate having been your client. Please convey my deep thanks and compliments to all of your colleagues for me as well.

- Lawrence B., Rose Hill, NC

As we are nearing the end of our rebuild and repair from Hurricane Ivan, I wanted to take this opportunity to write and to tell you how much we appreciate the services of Southern Loss Consultants.

To say you were a blessing to our Association would be an understatement; you were far more than that. From our first meeting until the day I held the insurance company's check in my hand, you provided everything we could have expected. Professional expertise and efficiency, incisive strategies, and outstanding interaction/communication are but a few of the qualities that distinguish Southern Loss Consultants from the others.

Of course, the best measure of an insurance consultant's performance is the bottom line, i.e. did he make a difference in the overall claim. Locating an extra $1 million on a $4 million claim pretty much answers that question. Southern Loss Consultants did your job and you did it well.

Again, many thanks for your outstanding service to our Association.

- Alan D., Seafarer Condominiums, Pensacola, FL

When our insurance claim was denied and our home was in jeopardy of collapse, Southern Loss Consultants were able to help when no one else could. They came to our home and listened to our problems. After examining the damage, taking pictures and thorough notes, they prepared a professional estimate of damages and made the insurance company take second look at our case. Their vast experience gave them insight into the right tactics to get things moving.

Our home is now under repair and we couldn't be happier. I couldn't give them a higher recommendation. Thank you Southern Loss Consultants!

- Ted and Laura P., Mars Hill, NC

I contacted Southern Loss Consultants after the hurricane on the Chowan River. Damage in the area was almost universally described as being water damage as opposed to wind damage. It became a cop-out for insurance companies, who said they wouldn't underwrite water damage. But Southern Loss Consultants secured us our policy limits, that was a tremendous success when the insurance company first told us they were going to give us nothing.

I also had a business that was damaged; Southern Loss Consultants got the maximum out of that claim as well.

- Harry T., Edenton, NC

On Christmas morning, 2014, we lost our family home to a fire. We were grateful no one was injured. We prayed and agreed we could over come this unimaginable tragedy. After all, we were insured, and we thought we would be back to normal within a reasonable time.

Having been self employed for 27 years, I felt I'd have no issues handling our claim on our own. I was wrong, my business and my family suffered because of it. After struggling a couple of months, I hired Southern Loss Consultants to file our loss in the language the insurance company uses, and things began to come together.

Ultimately our claim was resolved to our satisfaction. We whole heartedly recommend Southern Loss Consultants to anyone who has suffered a major loss. They brought our family peace, comfort and confidence when we needed it most.

- Pete T., Swansboro, NC

A tree fell on my roof during Hurricane Matthew. My insurance company came out and we quickly agreed upon the initial scope of the work that needed to be done but the prices they were quoting for the repairs were unbelievably low. I tried to get the adjuster, and two or three other company representatives to correct the errors in their pricing, but it was like talking to a brick wall. Eventually a friend told me I should contact a public adjuster. I contacted Rob Izzo with Southern Loss Consultants and he took over the negotiations. Rob not only got my insurance company to correct the errors in their pricing, but found additional Hurricane Matthew damage that both they and I missed initially and got this additional damage paid for as well! Had I not involved Rob I would have been forced to spend my savings to get my home repaired. I am happy Rob was able to help me because I'd run into a dead end with my direct negotiations with my insurance company.

- Joseph P., Raleigh, NC

February 25 will forever stand out to me, not because its a holiday or anything like that, but rather because its the day my house and all of my things burned up. I am most grateful that no one was hurt. As a single father of a little girl my head was spinning in a million different directions. A friend suggested I speak with Rob Izzo from Southern Loss Consultants and I am glad that I did! With that initial call I was reassured by Rob that everything would be alright. We set up a time to meet and look over what I had lost and more importantly to review my insurance coverage as I had no idea what kind of insurance coverage I had. Rob was able to explain to me in plain language what kind of insurance coverage I had and how it would work. Unlike my insurance company who it seemed simply wanted to push a bunch of forms and demands on me. When I hired Rob and Southern Loss Consultants my stress level went WAY DOWN! I didn't get anymore phone calls from the insurance company asking for stuff. Rob and his company handled everything. Bottom line...with the settlement Rob and Southern Loss Consultants got for me I was able to buy a newer larger home and owe less on it than I did on the home that burned! I truly hope none of my family or friends ever have to go through what I did, but if they do I will tell them to call Rob and Southern Loss Consultants.

- Rob J., Greenville, SC

Thank you Southern Loss Consultants for your assistance after the hurricane. I have dealt with insurance companies in the past and always been frustrated. To have a group like yours assist me through the process let me tend to my regular business and not worry about the many items that I don't understand about the pages and pages of insurance policies.

If I ever need consultation about any insurance issues in the future, I will contact you and I will recommend your company to others who could use your assistance. It was great having someone knowledgeable working on my side for a change.

- H. W. G. III, Ocracoke Island, NC

We recently finalized a settlement with the insurance company involving a claim for an apartment building where we had a 100% loss due to a fire. Southern Loss Consultants helped us with the claim and we were extremely happy with the settlement. ... They worked hard to get the best possible recovery for us. We appreciate all they did to help us and would love to recommend them. They took all the work and worry off of us and left us happy in the end.

Last but not least, we absolutely enjoyed working with Southern Loss. They were extremely professional, courteous and nice to work with.

- Christine F., Raleigh, NC

After 2 months of sometimes very heated exchanges and many disputes with our insurance company's adjuster, we saw little chance of an acceptable resolution. We felt we had no choice but to turn our claim over to a lawyer and begin a drawn-out court battle when a friend suggested we call your company. It was the best call we could have made. Within days you had completed an extensive evaluation and estimation of damages to our home and personal property. After analyzing and explaining all coverages provided by our policy, you developed a strategy and guided us through conclusion of our claim in a matter of weeks. We were very satisfied with the settlement we received. We hope we never have an insurance claim again. However, if we do, it's good to know we can hire Southern Loss Consultants to work for us.

- Barry G., Supply, NC

It is our pleasure to be writing a letter about the wonderful service that was provided to us by Southern Loss Consultants. When we lost our home of 32 years and all of its contents to fire, needless to say we were in a state of shock and confusion. Adding to our nightmare, we encountered nothing but delays by our insurance adjuster.

Southern Loss Consultants contacted us and were truly an answer to our prayers. They turned a nightmare into a hopeful situation with their professionalism and sincere concern. We will always hold them in the highest regard.

- Bobby and Faye H., Rocky Mount, VA

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