What is a loss consultant / public adjuster?

A loss consultant / public adjuster is a professional that advises business owners and families through the process of proper claim preparation, presentation, and adjustment following loss or damage. A loss consultant / public adjuster also may work with attorneys, serve as expert witnesses in trials, and act as appraisers if a disputed claim moves into the appraisal method for resolution.

I've called my insurance agent to report the damage. What happens now?

You will be contacted by the insurance company and given many forms to complete, with requests for documents that prove what you have lost. Now is the ideal time to schedule an appointment with Southern Loss Consultants. Not only will we help you complete your claim, but we'll handle hundreds of details you hadn't even considered and guide you along the path to complete restoration.

Won't my insurance company's adjuster take care of preparing my insurance claim?

A large part of preparing an insurance claim is documenting the loss itself, which your insurance company's adjuster will require you to do. He or she will then evaluate your damages from the insurance company's perspective. To make sure your insurance company considers your claim from your perspective, you need an expert working for you.

How can an advocate help me?

Having expert representation will relieve you of the burdensome process of documenting your loss and preparing your claim. A loss consultant will:

  • Compile data for structural estimates and content inventories
  • Assign value to lost items
  • Estimate lost business income
  • Take care of the myriad other details involved in claim preparation

Why is it important to act quickly?

The philosopher Plato said, "The beginning is the most important part of the work." We couldn't agree more. It's an unfortunate fact that problems with a claim are often not identified until after the claim has already been submitted and reviewed, when making changes may be virtually impossible.

Claim representation, an increasingly complex process, takes a great deal of time, research, and documentation. Decisions usually involve thousands, if not millions, of dollars and often must be made quickly without a margin of error. That's why it's critical that you decide early on whether you're going to handle the claim yourself or utilize professional expertise.

For more FAQs about public adjusters and loss consulting, see the NAPIA Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Insurance Claims Testimonials

Was Your Claim Denied? Here's what these clients experienced:

When our insurance claim was denied and our home was in jeopardy of collapse, Southern Loss Consultants were able to help when no one else could. They came to our home and listened to our problems. After examining the damage, taking pictures and thorough notes, they prepared a professional estimate of damages and made the insurance company take second look at our case. Their vast experience gave them insight into the right tactics to get things moving.

Our home is now under repair and we couldn't be happier. I couldn't give them a higher recommendation. Thank you Southern Loss Consultants!

- Ted and Laura P., Mars Hill, NC

I contacted Southern Loss Consultants after the hurricane on the Chowan River. Damage in the area was almost universally described as being water damage as opposed to wind damage. It became a cop-out for insurance companies, who said they wouldn't underwrite water damage. But Southern Loss Consultants secured us our policy limits, that was a tremendous success when the insurance company first told us they were going to give us nothing.

I also had a business that was damaged; Southern Loss Consultants got the maximum out of that claim as well.

- Harry T., Edenton, NC